About Us

At RedKnot we believe that travel builds bridges across a world in which we all belong, that we all can be met where we are - just the way we are - and share the best of ourselves. More than an innovative travel technology company, RedKnot is a different point of view. We believe that travel should be about establishing deep connections with the people and the culture in every place we visit. Building the bridges to make this happen brings us pride, joy and excitement.

Our Vision

Our vision for travel is one in which human connections are at the center of every journey: where travelers can connect with someone they know, trust and get along with in every destination, and where locals are empowered to be Ambassadors for their community, city, culture and country.

Our Mission

We are building bridges across worlds to create a life changing travel platform. Our mission is to create a network of amazing ambassadors and travelers that allows all people to have friendly, familiar and trusted faces at every destination.

Our Community

In our worldwide community we are all RedKnots. Some of us are traveling, some of us are at home, it doesn't matter. We all have something to share.

RedKnot Ambassadors

Local RedKnots, who we like to call Ambassadors, are kick-ass people. They’re diverse in terms of who they are, their interests and specializations. Because we’re trying to change the way travel works, we made the conscious decision to meet each and every Ambassador before we invite them to join our community.
Meet our Ambassadors

Traveling RedKnots

Our Traveling RedKnots are also kick-ass people. They travel for many different reasons, but they all have a desire to connect and be connected to other humans in an open, equal, individual and meaningful way. Anyone who wants to explore the world in a different way can join our community as a Traveling RedKnot.
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Our Story

We are inspired by the RedKnot, a bird with one of the longest migratory patterns, who always returns to the same place: home. 

Our founders met at Stanford in 2018 having travelled to the US in 2018 from opposite corners of the world. Over many long conversations about the meaning of travel and tourism in the modern world,  they decided to create a new way of exploring the world through a community of world travelers powered by technology. A community that allows us all to share the beauty and simplicity of our humanity, and is enriched by our similarities and our differences: the continents we come from, the languages we speak, the color of our skin, our values and beliefs.

Our team has now grown to include engineers, travel professionals, community builders and, most importantly amazing Ambassadors. We are all strongly united by the simple idea of making every destination a place where travelers and locals find in each other a friendly, familiar and trusted face. 

RedKnot HQ Team

CJ [Carlos Jovel]

Co-founder & CEO
El Salvador

Ben Murphy

Co-founder & Head of Legal / Operations

Michelle Fernández

Tech Lead

Lizzie Calder

Culture & Community Lead

Estefani Ruiz

El Salvador

Nils Roman

Businesss Administration
Chile / France

Danilo Rivera

Software Engineer
El Salvador

Jorge Contreras

El Salvador

Meet the Team

Michelle Fernandez


Ben Murphy


Carlos Jovel


Lizzie Calder

Culture and Community

De Sola

Ambassador Lead

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