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with a RedKnot

Book time with an awesome local RedKnot Ambassador who shares your interests and can provide a unique travel experience just for you
$120 for 8 hours of private exploring for up to four travelers including
Transport (car & gas) included
Personalized guided experiences
All your activities planned for you
Enjoy your destination in a way only a local can

How we do it

Tell us who you want to live the RedKnot experience with.
We connect you with a local RedKnot Ambassador who shares your interests and then we help you plan a unique experience to share
Together you enjoy a unique, personalized experience

How we do it

Tell us about yourself, where you are traveling to and what you are interested in
We match you with a local RedKnot Ambassador who shares your interests and can plan a unique experience for you
You only need to book your Ambassador's time - they will take care of the rest and make sure you have an unforgettable experience

What our travelers say

"He took us to into the canyons. There was no way to get there without a car (and a local). He fixed a horse-back ride up in the mountains for us and we barbecued there afterwards. It was amazing"
Ari and Judy, Married Traveling RedKnots
“I would have never gotten to the studios he took me by myself. I really enjoyed his company; understanding his perspective in Cuba gave me a more ample vision of how the Cuban revolution evolved over the years”
Margaret, Professor and Traveling RedKnot
"The waves were crap and he took us hiking instead. We were about to pay our entry to some bars and since he was connected, they let us in, for free."
Dan, Matt and Trevor, Explorers and Traveling RedKnots

Where we are

Costa Rica
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Why we're different

We believe that the marvelous places of the world are best explored with those who live there. This is why we created a unique community that allows: 
travelers to have a friendly, familiar and trusted face in every place they visit
local ambassadors to share their story and what their country has to offer
Traveling with a RedKnot Ambassador means seeing the whole picture. Instead of a generic assortment of predefined activities or sites, we focus on human connection that allows you to really understand how a country works and create a personalized travel experience that is just for you.
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Where we are

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