Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I travel with RedKnot?

We believe that the best travel experiences happen when you explore a place with someone you know who lives there. Our amazing RedKnot Ambassadors can design a travel experience that reflects your interests and show you the best of what your destination city, region or country has to offer.

What is a RedKnot Ambassador?

You can think of a RedKnot Ambassador as a local guide but with so much more to offer. RedKnot Ambassadors can be anyone. They are surfers, doctors, engineers, adventurers, chefs, and economists. What unites them is that they are all interesting and awesome people who are excited to meet travelers and help them.

How are Ambassadors selected?

Our Ambassador selection process is rigorous and only one in ten applicants are accepted onto the RedKnot platform. Every Ambassador you see on our platform has applied, been interviewed in person and completed a full background check. This process gives us confidence that you will have a great time with any Ambassador you connect with.

What do I do on a RedKnot trip? What do you mean by travel freestyle?

RedKnot trips do not come with a predefined itinerary or a set list of activities. What you do is planned on an individual basis with your Ambassador, based on your interests and your Ambassador’s expert, local knowledge.

How do I chat to an Ambassador?

You can chat directly with an Ambassador via our platform once you have booked a RedKnot trip with them. If you have any questions for an Ambassador prior to booking you can direct your questions to our live chat.

What if I already have a car but would like to travel with an Ambassador?

Talk to us through the live chat or email and we can make special arrangements.

What if the Ambassador I want to travel with is not available on date I’m searching?

Send us a message via our live chat or email and we will double check the ambassador’s availability or we will recommend another awesome Ambassador who you will get along with.

What do I need to do to be a traveler?

There are two ways to book time with a RedKnot Ambassador. You can either use our intelligent matching system, which will connect you to an Ambassador based on your interests or have a look at our Ambassador’s profiles and book directly with them.

Anyone can sign up to be a traveler and book a RedKnot trip. We will ask for information from you to help us match you with the right Ambassador and to allow your Ambassador to plan the perfect adventure for you. Sometimes we will also ask for additional documents from you if we are unable to confirm your identity. This is important for the safety and security of our network and our Ambassadors.

Is there a maximum of travelers on a trip?

Most standard RedKnot trips are limited to 4-7 people depending on the size of your Ambassador’s car. If you would like to travel with a larger group, you can contact us on our live chat or via email and we will arrange an individual plan for a larger group.

What does the price include? How are prices calculated?

The price displayed covers your Ambassador’s time, car and gas/petrol. Unless otherwise displayed, prices are flat for up to 4 travelers. Additional charges may apply for trips involving over 250km of driving or for additional activities during the day.

The duration of the trip is up to you. The price displayed is generally for 8 hours, but you can extend or reduce the time of the trip if you would prefer.

Where am I picked up and dropped off?

Wherever you want! Once you have made a booking with an Ambassador you can arrange your pickup time and location directly with them and, within reason, they will come to you. They can also drop you off in a different place to where they pick you up (additional charges may apply for long distances).

What do you mean by money-back guarantee?

We are so confident that you will have a fantastic experience on your RedKnot trip that we are prepared to guarantee it. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your experience, you can email us and we will arrange a full refund.

Can I modify a trip after booking it?

Yes. If you want to change the plans of your RedKnot adventure you can let your Ambassador know at any time, even during the trip. If you want to change the date or time of your trip you can let us know and it will be arranged subject to your Ambassador’s availability.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time prior to the commencement of your trip and receive a full refund.

Do you work with travel agencies?

We are happy to arrange trips through travel agencies and other providers. Generally though we think that the best trips are organized directly between the traveler and Ambassador.

What support do you offer during the trip?

The safety of our travelers and Ambassadors is our number one priority. We have processes in place if any trip doesn’t work out. We also have 24-hour phone support and you can contact us at any time during your RedKnot trip.

Do I have to pay more if my Ambassador picks me up at the airport?

No, any pickup location within a reasonable distance of your destination is covered. We can also arrange a separate airport pickup for you if you would like to be picked up by an Ambassador.

How do I pay for my RedKnot Trip?

RedKnot collects payment from travelers before the trip and then distributes payment to Ambassadors after the trip is completed. This way both travelers and Ambassadors can be confident that the trip will be completed and payment received.

How will I be informed that new destinations are available?

You can sign up to our email list here and we will keep you up to date on all RedKnot developments, including as we launch in new countries.

How can I become a RedKnot Ambassador?

Send us an email at for more information.

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